Tuesday, May 13, 2008

ZRII - The product endorsed by the Chopra Center for Wellbeing

Today I want to look at another one of ZRII™'s potent ingredient—Schizandra.

Here's some information I found:

Properties of Schizandra fruit Antioxidant and liver protection Previous studies in our laboratory have demonstrated the effect of Schizandrin B (Sch B), an active ingredient of the fruit of Schizandra chinensis, on enhancing the hepatic glutathione antioxidant system in mice, as evidenced by the hepatoprotection against carbon tetrachloride (CCl4) toxicity. Our results strongly suggest that the mechanism of hepatoprotection afforded by Sch B treatment may involve the enhancement of mitochondrial glutathione redox status. Protection of brain cells Dibenzocyclooctadiene lignans from Schizandra chinensis may possess therapeutic potential against oxidative neuronal damage induced by excitotoxins.

For a list of herbs used in Chinese medicine, see Chinese Herbs.

Schizandra Research Update Extracts from Schizandra chinensis fruit activate estrogen receptors: a possible clue to its effects on nitric oxide -mediated vasorelaxation. Biol Pharm Bull. 2004 Jul;27(7):1066-9. Schizandra chinensis fruit has long been used for the treatment of cardiovascular symptoms associated especially with menopausal symptoms in Korea. To provide a scientific rationale for such uses, we have investigated the vasorelaxant effects of Schizandra chinensis fruit on the vasomotor tone of the rat thoracic aorta in an organ bath. The crude extracts of Schizandra chinensis fruit elicited a transient relaxing response in the endothelium-intact rat aorta contracted with norepinephrine. This relaxant effect was abolished by removal of the endothelium, and also by pretreatment with nitric oxide synthase inhibitor. We then examined whether this vasodilatory effect occurs through estrogen receptor by reporter assays. Schizandra chinensis activated the estrogen-responsive luciferase gene in COS cells transiently transfected with estrogen receptor and reporter plasmids. The activation was maintained in the butanol-soluble fraction and further increased in the successively fractionated C(18) cartridge-adsorbed fraction (Schizandra chinensis -ADF). Reporter gene activation by Schizandra chinensis-ADF was inhibited by the specific estrogen receptor antagonist ICI 182,780, indicating that the effect is estrogen receptor dependent. However, Schizandra chinensis-ADF failed to activate the androgen receptor in COS cells transfected with the corresponding receptor and reporter plasmids. These data show that extracts of Schizandra chinensis fruit act as a weak phytoestrogen.

Benefit of Schizandra berry Schizandra chinensis, originally a Japanese-Manchurian endemite, yields a vegetable drug (Schizandrae fructus) with a number of very utilizable therapeutic effects. Studies indicate schizandra has hepatoprotective, adaptogenic, and antioxidative capabilities. It is obvious that a very positive therapeutic effect based on the use of a complex mixture of schizandra's principal constituents because their biological effects are complementary and potentiate each other. At the same time, some lignans (e.g. gomisin A, gomisin N) are interesting as new prospective medicines.

Information take from http://www.raysahelian.com/schizandra.html

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