Tuesday, April 29, 2008

The Benefits of Zrii's™ Bontanicals!

Zrii contains the Amalaki fruit. This fruit is used in Ayurveda, a 5000 year-old medical system from India.

This blend aims to create dynamic balance in all areas of health through the use of botanical medicines, healthy dietary practices and daily and seasonal lifestyle routines.

Amalaki is known in Ayurveda as the single most important botanical for promoting cellular rejuvenation, immune function and increased vitality. This fruit is also a potent anti-inflammatory, digestive aid, elixir for the skin and hair, and metabolic enhancer. Amalaki is thought to contain the most concentrated natural source of Vitamin C in nature.

The Zrii Amalaki formulation also contains:

Turmeric root - improves circulation, digestion, and reduces inflammation

Tulsi leaf - improves digestion and intestinal health

Schizandra fruit - enhances mental function and memory

Jujube fruit - calms the nerves and serves as a mild rejuvenative

Haritaki fruit - serves as a mild detoxifying agent; nourishes the tissues

Ginger root - improves digestion, absorption and assimilation

The Amalaki fruit is grown and harvested in the nutrient-dense soil at the foot of the Himalayas, grown in completely organic conditions, which is important to good health. The berry is hand-picked and processed by a cold-press method which utilizes the whole fruit. The Amalaki and the six actives are combined with antioxidant-rich juices such as pomegranate, grape, cranberry and raspberry for a power-packed liquid nutritional.

This juice is endorsed by the CHOPRA CENTER FOR WELLBEING! This is the most credible endorsement in the history of the industry!

Not to mention, the founder, Bill Farley is a world-renowed businessman who has created billion-dollar brands!

Get in on the ground-floor and ride the wave! Get the health and prosperity benefits!

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Monday, April 28, 2008

Zrii™ for Health and Prosperity

Everyone's looking these days for health and prosperity.

The fast life, fast foods and expensive living habits have gotten us in bad shape, one way or another. From the elderly retired person, to the young child going to school, no one is immune to the effects from this fast-pace life.

What's the answer? Well, obviously we all know that if we eat better, slow down and don't spend as much money, we'd be much better off. It's easier said then done.

The other option is to get nutrition that has been taken from nature and create a blend of juice that has medicinal properities. This is ZRII™!

Check out this video and see for yourself the amazing ingredients in it!

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